What part of the body am I ?

963751_545810808793599_770305853_o.jpgI am connected to myself

I pump dark red substances around in circular motion,

The art which plays a huge part in my life.

I care about important things, people and places,

The trace that fills the empty spaces.

I carry passion and love,

A expression of doves that flies up in the skies,

Peeking through high hills, as they rise for the prize.

I go through pain and emotions,

Like the harsh crashing sounds of the oceans,

I change in size

Depending on my health

In prayers i dwell in these tears

To breathe these pairs

I am loud

Beclouded by the thumping sounds

Going round and round, like listening to an ultra-sound

I am quiet

Purely by the silence of its own being

I love rest, peace and quiet

Expressed through my harmonized riot

I love to be active, healthy and strong

I am the heart.


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