Studying – not my future; not

Education a trend existing in the 21st century, a trend that delivered no voice – phenomenon of the past. Education was an era of importance; between the hammer and the anvil, it was the way life continued to be. Personally, education was a denoting equivalence of the society; a meaningless purpose.

Reflecting to my kainga, the struggle was real; a friction I endeavoured as happiness. Envisioning a dream, I hauled blossoming, I devoted myself to serve in labourer. However, my kainga had a vision to thrive happiness through the educational trend; to unravel the situated crusade of struggle. The choice was not mines; an unseen demand therefore led me to perceive their dream.

It is the end, I received my Diploma and Degree in Education. Subjectively, interestingly; I changed my conflicting assumptions about education. The dream hauled by parents transpired, the grounded happiness; preparing their daughter, idioms of pride, cameras flashing, laughter and love. Education has not only made my parents proud, but I burgeoned holistically. I know more about my culture, the underpinning values and embedded history that completes me.

Growing to discover indigenous beauty, revives my life; convalesces the lost particles of my deoxyribonucleic acid. Today, I follow the pathway of Education, not for my success but carrying a dream to regenerating, return the ontological lived experience. Envisioning to encounter future success in education.


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