Notion of respect is important: Disability

Close up of angry man with steam coming out from his ears

Disability does not mean a person is mutated

The label ‘disabled’ and handicap’ placed upon these gifted and talented children are far from an inclusive environment, it’s beyond cruel, its barbarous.

I am appalled by the amount of heartless and cold-blooded humans on this earth, I am sorry but I am sensitive towards such matters.

These gifted and talented human beings are normal, they are humans; just like everyone of us. But have special skills we don’t have, skills which was gifted for a purposeful reason.

There is no reason to laugh, joke, mock or tease, or remove a relational attachment because a human is not like you.

Just remember everyone is different, but it does not make you any better than these lovely, kind, smart and gifted children, adults and humans.

Truly annoyed by you lady!


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