Mark(s) of absences, Mark(s) of hope, Mark(s) that tore us, not too sure; for better or for worse?

A mark that left us with rivering pain, A mark that stained us till this very day

We move with life, we move with the pain; the marks that never seemed to leave us; permanent and insane.

Emotionally broken, mentally caged , spiritually lost and physically detached.

Detached for comfort, from hope and love, detached from the good times; present and ahead

We wish for; the words, the words of love, the words of encouragement, the words of hope, words of honesty and the words that heal

We wish for; words to stop, people to remove themselves, even better remove the pain; them

What should I do; drugs are you the answer, alcohol is singing my way, dignity; pleasure are you coming one day, love are you the answer? Death can you hear me, I’m coming your way when it’s grey

I’m going crazy, I’m going insane, it’s  pulling me distant away from this grave.

I want some help, please lord just answer me one day, I’m sorry I’m a sinner; believing to become a believer in your word; proclaim

I am not perfect, all I ask for is please, take me for who I am; for I am just normal human being .

Scars scar and one simply never forgets. But you! Make a change to one’s life where you show them the way…. the truth and the light.

Love, care and cherish one another as you ought to be. For we all are human, one’s that deserves a better day. Rays of love, rays of happiness, colors that will eventually fill the heart of one.  

Scars are forever but a chance to make a change can fill the scars of pain, make one gain; become a whole again.


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