Mysterious plant

Look over there, a plant, something really beautiful. I really want to grow this in a beautiful place I have set aside. I can feel that this plant can last all four seasons.

I got this plant now. I placed it in that special place I placed aside. It looks beautiful. I feed it some water, and gave it beautiful soil to rest on. I gave it a place where it catches the sun, but also shade when it’s too sunny. I protected it from all the possible insects  it could get bitten from.

Wow. This plant is growing so fast, so beautiful, stunning and colourful. It’s been through all the seasons and still seems to stay standing, still shinning.

6 months of having this plant and never has it ever made me lose hope, and trust and love.

Days after this, my plant seemed to strike movements I have never seen before. My plant wasn’t the same, I tried to give it the same care and love but my plant failed on me.

My plant was holding back on something. I’m still looking to find out what’s going on with my plant.

Not going to give up.20160924_145545.jpg


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