Open your eyes

Constant change in answers
A lie is making its way
No need to prove your innocents
Your face; bullshit being engraved

Best friend, a wife, your girl
Your longtime, your lifeline
Accepting; truths by you
Trust that’s still until you reveal
Digging pain; oozing like rain

Sly, being a lie
Good behind the books
Degrading dignity; a man
Failing; losing everything

A mirror will mirror
Reflecting on each mistake
Gathering pieces; a puzzle put together
Data references, quoted; life threatening sentences

Talker of lies, talker of change
Talker to make one feel better; ingratiate yourself
Change the way you talk
No fear; don’t be shamed
I’m your best friend, your wife
Your longtime, your lifeline
Always an open ear, heart and mind

I love truth; forever
I leave gibberish; see you later


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